About Us

The Coro Bel Canto was founded on 23th April, 2006 with Mro. Hermann Farrugia Frantz as Director. The first service of this choir was at St. Mary Church of Birkirkara, better known as The Old Church of Birkirkara, where the choir sang liturgical and sacred hymns.
The professionalism and integrity of the Mro. delivered good music and the choir’s calendar started filling up as they were being asked to take part in weddings, funerals and other commitments regularly.
The first important achievement was gained in June, 2007 when the choir was commissioned by the Archpriest of Siggiewi, Fr. Albert Buhagiar, to take over all the services for the feast of St. Nicholas celebrated in the church. For this occasion the choir rehearsed extensively the music of the Nani family, as requested to do so by the Siggiewi people.
In the first couple of years of its foundation, the choir was asked to give their services on several occasions. One worth mentioning is when on Friday, 9th November, 2007, the Coro Bel Canto was asked by the Barocca Cultural Events to sing the Requiem by Gabriel Faure’. This concert was given in the Sagrestia Vault-Valletta Waterfront and was under the patronage of the Archbishop of Malta, Mons. Paul Cremona.
On Friday, 8th April, 2008, the choir was invited by the Faculty of Theology of the University of Malta to sing in the Awla Magna of the Old University, on the occasion of the Annual Academy in honour of St. Thomas Aquinas. This occasion was also under the auspices of the Archbishop of Malta, Mons. Paul Cremona.
The year 2009 brought about important commitments. In May the Coro Bel Canto was commissioned by the Parish Priest of Tarxien, Fr. Reuben Degura, to take part in all the church services for the feast of Our Lady of Annunciation.
On 4th June, 2009, the Coro Bel Canto on the occasion of the year dedicated to Saint Paul, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Chapter of St. John Co-Cathedral held a concert All Over for Christ in the said Co-Cathedral. In this concert, the theme of which united Pope John Paul II and St. Paul, two premieres were presented to the public. One was an orchestral piece Music for a White Dove, written by the well known Maltese composer Mro. Joseph Vella, and the second piece was the Oratorio Sacro Apostolo delle genti, written by Mons. Marco Frisina, Musical Director of San Giovanni in Laterano of Rome. Donations for this concert were in aid of Dar tal-Providenza (Providence House) and was held under the patronage of the Archbishop of Malta, Mons. Paul Cremona.
On Friday 14th August, 2009, the Coro Bel Canto was invited by the Sea Apostolate of the Franciscan Friars to take part in an annual ceremony in remembrance of the arrival of the Convoy in Malta during the war on the eve of St. Mary of 1942. This annual commemoration takes place in the Old Customs House by the Valletta waterfront, and many religious and civil dignitaries attend.
On Thursday, 29th October, 2009, the choir was invited to take part in a mass officiated by the Minister General of the Franciscan Friars, Br. Jose’ Rodriguez Carballo ofm, at the Parish Church of the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sliema. During this mass, celebrated for the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the Franciscan Order, the choir sang the very popular Mass of Ferdinando and Giuseppe Camilleri.
The choir Coro Bel Canto also sang in first solemn High Masses, masses celebrated in feasts or anniversaries, in concerts with many different musical bands, weddings and funerals. These services gave the choir an excellent reputation, and their repertoire, which includes liturgical and sacred music, is vast. The choir has important appointments in its calendar for future commitments, and is looking forward to these appointments with responsibility and enthusiasm.