Sunday Wedding (Foundation of the Choir)
23rd April, 2006 Mass
  St. Mary Parish Church –  B’Kara
Friday Fr. Josef Mifsud
6th July, 2007 Prima Messa
  St. Nicholas Parish Church –  Siġġiewi
Saturday 225th Ann. - Consecration of the Church
13th October, 2007 Mass
  The Assumption Parish Church –  Qrendi
Friday Requiem - Gabriel Faure
9th November, 2007 Concert
  Sagrestia Vault –  Valletta Waterfront
Tuesday Faculty of Theology Annual Evening
8th April, 2008 Concert
  Awla Mangna Old University –  Valletta
Sunday Consecration of the Altar
15th June, 2008 Pontifical Mass
  Blessed Virgin of Ta' Liesse Church –  Valletta
Sunday Fr. Ewkarist Zammit
6th July, 2008 Prima Messa
  St. Nicholas Parish Church –  Siġġiewi
Saturday Fr. Jonathan Farrugia
2nd August, 2008 Prima Messa
  The Assumption Parish Church –  Mqabba
Friday Restoration of an Antique Painting
22nd August, 2008 Concert
  St. Mary Church at Hal Xluq –  Siġġiewi
Friday Bach and Beyond
3rd October, 2008 Concert with Orchestra and Choir
  Sagrestia Vault –  Valletta Waterfront
Saturday 100th Anniversary - St. Mary Band Club
8th November, 2008 Concert
  The Assumption Parish Church –  Qrendi
Monday Funeral (Can. Michael Saliba)
10th November, 2008 Mass
  St. Paul's Collegiate –  Rabat
Friday The Poetry of Loreto Dalli
15th May, 2009 Concert
  Bir Miftuħ Chapel –  Gudja

Thursday Pauline Year
4th June, 2009 Grand Concert
  St. John’s Co-Cathedral –  Valletta


Monday Fr. Marcellino Micallef
29th June, 2009 Mass (Sacerdotal 25th Anniversary)
  St. Mary of Jesus Church –  Rabat

Friday Fr. Ronnie Zammit
24th July, 2009 Prima Messa
  The Assumption Parish Church –  Attard

Friday St. Mary Convoy Commemoration
14th August, 2009 Concert
  Old Customs –  Valletta Waterfront

Thursday Franciscans Order –  800th Anniversary
29th October, 2009 Mass celebrated by the Minister General
  Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church –  Sliema

Sunday Advent
20th December, 2009 Mass and a Christmas Concert
  Metropolital Cathedral of St. Paul –  Mdina